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Narender Charan
Written by Narender Charan

Pay for a subscription with Crypto

This articles explains if they can use crypto to pay for the subscription

If you agree to the below terms and conditions, please CLICK HERE TO PAY. Please make sure you use the same email as your HyperTrader login. Once you have made the payment and blockchain confirms, we will enable your subscription.

We are happy to process the payment for subscription using Crypto. Some important points to note before you request an invoice.

  • Crypto payments are for yearly subscriptions only.
  • Payments are processed by BitPay.
  • No additional discount can be applied
  • Paying with crypto is not recurring. Which means if you need to renew after a year, you will be paying the new price if any.
  • We do not accept direct crypto transfers due to regulations.
  • You will need supported wallets to be able to pay via BitPay.
  • Crypto payments are irreversible.
  • If there are any problems with the payments, we are not able to help. You will have to contact Bitpay directly.
  • Once you pay using Bitpay, we wait for the funds to settle before enabling your subscription. It is not immediate.

These terms are non-negotiable. We have seen users trying to negotiate it via live chat support. Our help agents can't change any of these terms.

HyperLinq Inc. reserves the rights to change any of the above terms with or without prior notice.