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Gayatri Dikshit
Written by Gayatri Dikshit

Can't view my Balances, Orders or Trades

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There are three solutions to this issue:

First solution: make sure that when you are selecting your trading pair from the search field, you are also selecting the correct exchange . If you select a trading pair from an exchange where your API keys are not setup, you will not see any balance or order/trade data. See below for ways to double check the exchange you have selected:

Second solution: Make sure "view orders in the chart" is enabled from the status bar, see below (circled in red):

Third, when a user has not been active for a certain amount of time, HyperTrader's security token will expire and log the user off. In this case, the user will need to log back in with their existing email and new token.

When the user has logged back in, they will notice that they are not able to view balances or any order/trader history, to rectify this, the user needs to select their trading account by going to the trading tab and selecting their trading account on the upper right corner, see below: